Nordic Urban develops and operates floating hubs of wellbeing

Nordic Urban aims to improve urban life by designing, constructing, financing, launching, and operating new floating pools, spas and wellness hubs. The company is developing an ecosystem of wellbeing services based on Nordic ideas of the good life. The purpose of the company is to make cities more livable by developing networks of new hubs of wellbeing and culture on waterfronts.

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Raoul Grünstein
CEO, Founder
raoul.grunstein (at)

Petteri Lautso
Project Development Director
petteri.lautso (at)

Marianne Mäkelä
Marketing and Communications Director
marianne.makela (at)

Timo Hämäläinen
Location Analyst
timo.hamalainen (at)

Janne Leskinen
Sales Director
janne.leskinen (at)