Let people enjoy the waterfronts!

Nordic Urban is a privately funded company that has created a sustainable business model while contributing to public good.

We are looking for cities and communities to make urban areas more livable by developing new well-being hubs on waterfronts in a public-private-people partnership. We appreciate local movements aspiring to take over the waterfronts. Also, the company seeks likeminded corporate partners be they developers, real estate funds or corporate sponsors.

We are interested in

  • Starting a dialogue with cities that want to open their waterfronts for both residents and visitors.
  • Partnering with local communities that have built movements for reclaiming the waterfronts or enjoying public pools.
  • Partnerships with local developers, real estate funds or corporate partners improving our service offering.
  • Great service providers in leading cities interested in building a local ecosystem of services.
  • Talented enthusiasts with a vision for innovative usages of water and the services at the waters.

The potential for a floating project in each city has to be evaluated separately by our location analysts. If you or your business have something you would like to ask us regarding possibilities of developing blue scenes for enjoyable days on the waterfront, do not hesitate to contact us!