Floating structures

Nordic Urban in cooperation with its partners specializes in floating constructions and their development for recreational use. The technical modules with technologies for filtering, cleaning and heating water, are factory-made, replaceable, container-like units that can be placed inside the barge pool. The floating structures are able to cope with high stress levels. The modular high-density concrete and steel pontoon structures are anchored by piles or using wire cables. In Helsinki the double-hulled steel pontoon that bears both the fresh-water pool and the spa’s technical equipment is constructed of a barge. The structure is placed on the outside edge together with the piles to protect the other floating structures.

Energy solutions

Nordic Urban develops and applies environmental energy solutions. Allas Sea Pool Helsinki consumes less energy than indoor public baths with the same capacity. It is insulated from the sea by a double steel structure and when not in use, from the air with a cover, creating a thermally insulated container. The energy sources used are certified water energy and district heating that uses renewable and carbon neutral sources. There is also a solar plant on the rooftop providing most of the energy to the stoves in the saunas.

Cleaning technologies

The floating pools are filled with heated tap water or filtered water from the sea, river or lake. The warm water pools are cleaned with sand filtration, UV-radiation, activated carbon and chemicals. The heated pools can also use ultrafiltration technology with membranes so small that even viruses and bacteria cannot pass through. The pools using the nearby natural water can have either a mechanical filtration and UV radiation or a natural water filtration system often called biofiltration. This is an increasingly popular way of filtering pool water without chemicals. Both methods can clean millions of liters of water every day.

Adaptive architecture

The architectural concept uses wood as its main material while striving for intimate and cozy architecture adapted to the local cityscape. With a flexible building system, the architectural concept is scalable and can be adjusted according to what is eventually deemed most suitable for the site in question. Combined with a custom toolbox, the modular system opens possibilities for easy customization depending on variables such as customers’ needs, seasonal changes, and local architectural and zoning requirements. The prefabricated structure of wood and steel elements is an ecological choice that allows for flexibility in application as well as for sustainability in the life cycle of the building.