Well-being hubs

The Nordic Urban group is in the process of developing floating pools and well-being hubs in the centers of significant waterfront cities in Europe and beyond. The venture is based on a Nordic concept that combines outdoor swimming, sauna, wellness, and an urban, community-oriented culture. Following the group’s success in Helsinki, we are in the process of developing an international network of similar complexes in Europe and the United States. We see great potential for bringing new amenities to locals and visitors using poorly utilized waterfront sites in major cities.

Other cities

Nordic Urban is currently negotiating in 10-12 other cities of significant size in Europe and United States for developing new floating facilities close to the city centers. The company has undertaken extensive feasibility studies and have been actively negotiating with relevant parties for up to 24 months. The projects will be made public one at a time when the sites have been approved by the city officials, authorities, landowners and other significant parties.