Three sauna buildings on a floating platform.

Allas Sea Pool Modified with Temporary Saunas

This summer Allas Sea Pool has a slightly renewed look. Three new buildings have been added to the floating pool deck: two saunas and a changing room. These add-ons ensure that visitors have sauna and lockers access close to the pools while Allas Sea Pool’s older sauna building is under renovation.

The small hut-like buildings were assembled at a former cargo harbor near Allas Sea Pool and put on top of a floating platform. The trio was then pushed to sea and hauled over to Allas, before placing them inside the sea water pool through an opening. The platform and buildings now sit at the other end of the sea water pool.

Visitors can enjoy the new saunas starting next week once all preparations are finished.

The new buildings have a two-year permit. Their future remains open, but one possibility is that Nordic Urban reuses them when opening new facilities in other locations.

The journey of the new buildings. Video shot by Tuukka Klaus.

Main image: Studio Puisto.