Allas Sea Pool is based on several trends that make it relevant in today’s environment. With urbanization and the busy rhythm of life, city dwellers need places to experience a slow pace and recover. Wellness is another powerful trend that combines health awareness and investment in self-development. Western individualization has once again led to an increased need for a feeling of communality among urban residents.

Nordic values

The well-being concept is based on the Nordic values of a good life:

  • Sustainable and connected with the environment, water, and wood
  • Inclusive, egalitarian, and communal
  • Balance
  • Coziness and intimacy
  • Learning and self-development

Proof of case

Allas Sea Pool Helsinki is a proof-of-case model for how to develop a floating year-round well-being destination for residents and tourists alike. It is an updated version of Helsinki’s historic sea spa culture. Allas Sea Pool is located in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw away from the Market Square and Presidential Palace and in the middle of tourist flows. The popularity of Helsinki’s floating sea spa, its media attention, and the number of visitors have all exceeded expectations. In 2018, the first full year of operation, there were some 800,000 visitors, 300,000 of whom visited the pools and saunas.

Competitive advantages

Nordic Urban and its partners can offer, design, build, finance, launch, and operate agile new floating spas. The company has specific strengths that provide a competitive advantage in both the project development and the operational phase.

  • Private funding and a sustainable business model is attractive to cities, as it offers them the benefits of a common good without using taxpayers’ money.
  • The development of pools with a public-private-people model commits the municipality, the residents, and the media to the project.
  • Projects use the latest cleantech solutions in energy technology, heating, and water treatment.
  • Ambitious wood architecture creates spectacular views of the water and breathtaking visual experiences.
  • Floating swimming pools with heated tap water and filtered sea/lake/riverwater make it possible to exercise outdoors all year round.
  • The facility offers an excellent platform for diverse community, educational, cultural, and sporting activities.