New plaza and sitting wall planned next to Allas Turku

Picture: OOPEAA

The city of Turku has released plans for developing the public spaces along a 2km stretch of Itäinen Rantakatu, the eastern bank of the Aura River. The city’s goal is to enable a safe, pleasant, and accessible environment for people to stroll and bike through or linger in close to the water in the city center area. The interventions included in the draft plan are designed to enhance the character of the riverbank by making it feel more maritime, cozy, and green.

Nordic Urban’s Allas hub in Turku will be built in the improvement area and public space transformation will also occur next to our project. The pedestrian route that runs along the riverbank will be widened to be more plaza-like by our facility. The plaza’s edge will act as a sitting wall, offering passerby the chance to relax and watch the activities on our facility and the river. The plans also include lingering friendly steps that lead right down to the water just a small hop upstream from our facility.

These new public spaces around our facility brilliantly add to the mission we share for enabling people to connect with water and improving Turku’s urban experience.

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