NoHo Partners becomes Allas Sea Pool Helsinki’s food & beverage services partner

The restaurant company NoHo Partners has been selected as the restaurant operator for Allas Sea Pool, Nordic Urban’s Helsinki hub. In the partnership, NoHo Partners is responsible for the hub’s food & beverage services, which cover a wide range of restaurant, cafe, terrace, and event operations. A shared goal in the undertaking is to invest in the vitality of urban culture and its development.

“Our mission is to offer new experiences and opportunities to encounter to the city’s residents. Allas Sea Pool is one of Helsinki’s most interesting sites which plays a crucial role in the vitality of the city center. This is also one of our flagship projects in which we will make our contribution to the urban culture and rebuilding of the sector. We understand Allas Sea Pool’s significance to the city’s residents, and we will take up this challenge eagerly and humbly,” says Aku Vikström, CEO, NoHo Partners.

“NoHo will offer strong restaurant and service expertise as well as great networks to Allas Sea Pool’s restaurant operations. Selecting NoHo Partners as our restaurant and licensed alcohol serving partner will increase our opportunities to develop Allas Sea Pool’s diverse food and beverage concept suitable for the Nordic way of life. We will also offer this concept to Allas projects planned in other Nordic cities,” says Raoul Grünstein, CEO, Nordic Urban, the parent company of Allas Sea Pool.

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