Nordic Urban expands to Estonia: New Allas Pool will be built in Tallinn

Nordic Urban and Estonian property development company Kapitel are developing new swimming and well-being facility to Kalasadama Tallinn in Estonia. The new Allas Pool opens a central area in Tallinn for residents’ and visitors’ recreational uses.

Helsinki Allas Sea Pool opened in 2017 and has proved to be successful both in visitor numbers and profitability. Nordic Urban expects Tallinn Allas Pool to be as popular destination both among locals and tourists. It also supports the vision of Tallinn City to renew and develop the area around Linnahall.

Tallinn Allas Pool development plan includes comprehensive range of different swimming pools for year-round use, several saunas, restaurants and flexible venues for companies and groups. Broad pool area with terraces offers chances to spend relaxing time together and organise different activities.

Arhitekt Must with a plan called ”Fisherman’s Wharf” won the architecture competition of Tallinn Allas Pool. The next phase will be to develop a site plan and drawings for a construction permit. Kapitel, who owns the lot in Kalasadama, will be the constructor and Nordic Urban’s subsidiary will become a leaseholder who operates the facility.

”Our strategy is to develop an international Allas Pool network. Tallinn project is a remarkable step for us in this path”, says Petteri Lautso, Development Director of Nordic Urban.