The City of Espoo has granted Nordic Urban a planning reservation to work on an Allas Pool project at the Keilaniemi waterfront, a location well-known as a major center for innovation and business life in the Helsinki area. The facility will be located out on the water, and future visitors will be able to enjoy an open scenic view to the bay and marina, combined with a unique high-rises backdrop. The Keilaniemi metro stop and future Raide-Jokeri tram line along with nearby major roads provide an excellent basis for reaching the facility from the western side of the Helsinki Capital Region. Nordic Urban’s Allas Pool will be an important element in realizing the vision of diversifying Keilaniemi from an exclusively business focused area into a vibrant mixed-use waterfront district. The facility seeks to add significant value to nearby residents and the local office community as a place for recreation, socializing, and memorable events.

Picture by SARC Architects