The first Nordic Urban floating facility, Allas Sea Pool Helsinki, opened in May 2017. Allas Sea Pool is a unique hub for urban life in Helsinki’s South Harbour. As a centre for exercise, well-being and culture, the sea pool nourishes minds and bodies while maintaining the ideals of sustainable development. Allas Sea Pool Helsinki is an updated version of Helsinki’s historic sea spa culture. The spa is located next to the Market Square in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw away from the Presidential Palace and in the middle of tourist flows.

Its story began when Nordic Urban’s predecessor, Töölö Urban, presented the idea of a floating swimming facility to the City of Helsinki in 2013. After a multi-faceted permission process, the building permit was approved in 2015. The project was supported by a civil movement, positive media coverage, and a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Allas Sea Pool is a globally unique floating sea spa and wellness hub. It offers outdoor pools, spa life, and an urban, community-oriented culture all year round. The first Allas Sea Pool in the heart of Helsinki has been a great success: in just two short years, it has become one of the city’s most important landmarks and tourist attractions. The floating spa is a favorite among Helsinki residents and tourists alike and is a proof of concept for both the technical solutions and the sustainability of the operational and business model.

The facility has three swimming pools, three saunas, a main building with a cafe, a restaurant, a rooftop terrace, a Baltic Sea Center and a winter garden, and an annex with community and conference rooms including . Two of the spa’s pools are designated for year-round swimming in heated water, regardless of the weather. The open-air terraces provide Allas with a new lookout and a garden-like oasis on the southern seashore of Helsinki. The spa area can accommodate 3,500 people at a time, or 10,000 visitors a day.

The total area of the sea spa is about 9,000 sqm, with a floating area of 3,000 sqm and 2,000 sqm of buildings on the land portion. The total investment in buildings, pools, technical facilities, and furnishings has been about 12 MEUR.

The popularity of Helsinki’s floating sea spa, its media attention, and the number of visitors have all exceeded expectations. In 2018, the first full year of operation, there were some 800,000 visitors, 300,000 of whom visited the pools and saunas and 300,000 the café, restaurant, and terraces; the final 200,000 came just to take in the magnificent views from the newly opened destination. Thanks to the sauna and the warm pool, Allas attracts visitors all year round, even out of season, when there is less to do in the city. Allas Sea Pool has won several awards and in 2018 was the main destination featured in the City of Helsinki’s travel marketing.